Southern Pacific Brewing

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Southern Pacific Brewing

620 Treat Ave.
San Francisco
(415) 341-0152
What good is California if you can’t drink outside in a garden, that looks more like a modern industrial warehouse with a patio, than a German beer hall? Still, they make their own beer here so you can’t go wrong. Grab a beer, grab some snacks (burgers, truffle fries, et al), and a long table and park yourself from the afternoon to whenever. The party will ebb and flow and even if your group is looking for a more low-key hang out location or a launchpad for a night of bachelor party thrills, Southern Pacific is an amazing place to start.

Nestled off an alley in a part of the Mission district now known for world class coffee shops and art galleries, Southern Pacific is quickly becoming the de facto afternoon meet up spot on the east side of the Mission. Whenever the Bachelor10 crew is in San Francisco, Southern Pacific Brewing is near the top of our to-do list.

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Venue Tip: 

Park your crew here in the late afternoon, before dinner, and after a daytime activity. Sit outside if it’s warm (is it ever warm in San Francisco?), but if not the beer hall is a cavernous converted warehouse so soak up the crowd and liberally invite new friends over to your table.

The Good: 
There’s always a crowd here eager to hang out and relax with a few brews, and a good mix of Mission hipsters, techies cooling out after work, and yoga-pants-wearing blondes on an afternoon vacation from the Marina district across town.
The Bad: 
The patio can be like sipping ale in a Siberian spring when foggy and later in the day. If outside is your goal, dress warmly and include some of Southern Pacific’s so-so food to warm you up.
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Price: $$

Best Time to Go: Mid-afternoon to early evening.

Close To: Bloodhound is a great place to start your evening or end it - get warmed up with some great drinks and some rounds of Big Buck Hunter; Beretta heats up after 8 with great pizza, mixologist drinks, and talkative women eager to meet your group; Espetus Steakhouse - turn the dial, get a steak then turn the dial again... get another kind of mystery/delicious red meat; check out a Giants game at the most beautiful baseball stadium in the nation.

Accepts Credit Cards: Yes

Attire: Come as you are; the more casual the better.

Parking: Street