354 11th Street
San Francisco
(415) 863-5964
No hipster dive is complete without warm PBR cans on the menu these days, but Butter not only walks the walk, they talk the honky tonk. This is a trailer trash-themed bar (you heard right), complete with Jell-o shots, deep fried Twinkies and tater tots on the menu. On the cheap-ish side, Butter consistently attracts some pretty unpretentious hotties-- the kind who would sooner rock out to Bon Jovi with a can-in-hand than ask to see the wine list. I mean, really, what other bar offers mini corndogs as well as a live DJ? Don’t stay too long, though, or you may end up springing a mullet.

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Venue Tip: 

If tater tots aren’t your thing (you must be crazy), check Chairman Bao’s Twitter feed before going. A member of the growing fleet of gourmet food trucks operating South of Market, the Chairman serves up some of the best late night grub around; if you’re lucky they’ll be parked nearby.

The Good: 
Pretty much the lowest-maintenance experience you’ll find in this neighborhood. If it’s live music you seek, consider catching a show across the street at Slims (www.slims-sf.com) after you’ve warmed up on tall cans.
The Bad: 
There may be those of you for whom a night of drinking is serious business, not an ironic redneck joke. And to you people I say “why so serious?”
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Price: $

Vibe: Chicks: jeans, cowboy boots, tank tops. Guys: jeans, cowboy boots, wifebeaters.

Outdoor seating:  Yes

Other bars close by: Southern Pacific Brewing (Beer garden in a gigantic industrial warehouse. Drink & relax all day and into the wee hours), District (stuff tons of young, thirsty souls into a warehouse. Voila), Beretta (great drinks, fun crowd), Bloodhound (hunting lodge themed bar where everybody knows your name... or they will soon)

Accepts Credit Cards:  Yes