1199 Valencia Street
San Francisco
(415) 695-1199
Beretta attracts a fair number of foodies, so if you strike up a conversation with a female in here make sure you’re up on the current season of Top Chef – either that or ask her what her favorite recipe out of the Momofuku cookbook is (works every time). But really the attraction to Beretta is not as a pick-up scene: sure there’s some girls around -- and the surrounding Mission neighborhood has more cute hipster chicks than you can shake a single-speed bike at -- but really it’s the killer drinks that keeps the place crowded (and it usually is). Zagat’s says, “cocktails were great -- but strong,” while we say “bring it on.” Surely you will, too.

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Venue Tip: 

If your party is smaller than six, call ahead within 45 minutes of your expected arrival and they will add your name and hold your place on our waiting list for a maximum of 45 minutes from the time of your call.

The Good: 
These guys fancy themselves true mixologists, so you may just walk out of here with a new favorite drink that you never knew existed.
The Bad: 
These guys fancy themselves true mixologists, so you may be waiting longer than you had hoped for that Mumbai Mule.
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Price: $$$

Vibe: Hipster chicks dressed to the nines (as a hipster would) and ready to mingle. Join them with a crafted cocktail, good sir.

Outdoor seating: No.

Other bars close by: Southern Pacific Brewing (beer garden in a gigantic industrial warehouse. Drink & relax all day and into the wee hours), District (stuff tons of young, thirsty souls into a warehouse. Voila), Butter (the definition of a dive bar... and a good time), Bloodhound (hunting lodge themed bar where everybody knows your name... or they will soon)

Accepts Credit Cards: Yes