Tao Beach

Tao Beach

3355 Las Vegas Blvd S
The Venetian
Las Vegas
The Strip
(702) 388-8588
Take a moment and do a Google image search for Tao Beach. Go on, we’ll wait... That wonderful ultra pool is Tao Beach and it comes from the mad geniuses that brought the world Tao, LAVO, Marquee, and Artichoke Pizza so you know these guys have skills. And what they created here is an intimate yet insane pool party that packs so much flesh and fun into such a small space you’ll be wondering how it doesn’t explode from its own awesomeness. And with sweet amenities sure to satisfy even its most discerning clientele (think A-List celebs) it is an ideal spot for the bachelor party to rage the day away. Just keep the happy endings jokes to a minimum, OK champ?

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Venue Tip: 

More so than almost any other ultra pool, space is at a premium here. And given that there are only seven cabanas and a few daybeds, renting spots can be a challenge. Plan accordingly.

The Good: 
You’re gonna make good friends here, real soon, as everybody is tight and friendly. The intimate vibe creates a sense of a shared party that rocks.
The Bad: 
The entire place is much smaller than you think. And the aggro bouncers aren’t afraid to blow their whistles if you come close to the pool with a drink.
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Price: $$$

Hours: Friday through Sunday, 10AM to 5PM

Best Feature: The vodka-Red Bull slushies or the weekend saxophonist

Best Day: Saturday