Saddle Ranch Chop House

Saddle Ranch Chop House

4321 North Scottsdale Road
Old Town
(480) 429-2263

If you’ve been to a Saddle Ranch before then you know what’s in store – just what a bachelor party wants… Cute girls, tasty food, and so many chances to have fun while making fun of the man of the hour.

Make him wear a ridiculous get-up, do some shots, get him some big blue cotton candy, make him ride the bull, do more shots, and have a blast.

Brunch here is particularly recommended as they have a cinnamon french toast (feel free to ask for extra sauce) that has been known to induce orgasms in females. That’s in addition to great egg dishes, lots of BBQ, and an all-you-can drink bloody mary deal (or mimosas for the ladies).

Break out your inner cowboy and saddle up, pardner!

Venue Tip: 

Pay off the bovine technician (aka, the guy who runs the bull) to make your buddy look good for a while, before making him look like the Sally that he is.

The Good: 
Solid location near loads of bars, good food at reasonable prices, loads of TVs, fun atmosphere, and a freaking BULL.
The Bad: 
It is indeed a chain, but it is still oh so fun. Plus this means there’s also a venue in Glendale if you’re going to a sporting event out there.
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Price: $$

Outdoor Seating: Yes

Signature Dish: Cotton Candy. BBQ or Cinnamon French Toast depending on your mood.

Attire: Shorts are cool.

Needs Reservations: Not really needed, but can’t hurt.

Alcohol: Full Bar

Parking: Street / Valet

NearbySushi Roku (great time with sushi/girls), Barrio Queen (outstanding Mexican though not as good as the original Barrio Cafe), Don & Charlie's (famous steakhouse), Bravo Bistro (next door and very good), Sapporo (similar to Roku minus the W), W Scottsdale (cool hotel with great outdoor pool/bar).