Cowboy Ciao

Cowboy Ciao

7133 E Stetson Dr
Old Town
(480) 946-3111
One of the best meals you’ll find in the Phoenix area, Cowboy Ciao – pronounced like Chow for the uninitiated – is a stellar meal no matter how you cut it. And they cut “it” – delicious meats – quite well.

Wild boar, pork belly, and short ribs, oh my! You could literally throw a dart and find a gem from start to finish. You’ll definitely walk out full.

In between, enjoy the people watching, unbelievable wine list, and feeling like you’re a high-end cowboy for the night.

All of this makes our favorite American/Western joint in one of the hottest spots in Scottsdale, tailor-made for the most cultured bachelor party.

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Venue Tip: 

Don’t eat too much the meal beforehand if you can.  You’re going to want to have the Stetson Salad, some succulent meats, perhaps even the mushroom pan fry (trust us), and even save room for dessert.

The Good: 
Outstanding food in an upscale, feel-good setting, and a name that’s fun to say.
The Bad: 
As it often happens, scrumptious food and popularity comes with a high price tag, long waits/meals, and a bordering-on-pretentious feel.
Vote Up/Down:
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Price: $$$

Outdoor Seating: No


Signature Dish: Can’t go wrong with anything but Stetson Chopped Salad is the #1 dish on the menu. Get in there, but man up and see the meat dishes mentioned earlier.

Attire: As the name suggests, cowboy attire is the name of the game so jeans work quite well.

Needs Reservations: Yes, more so than any other spot in Scottsdale.

Alcohol: Full Bar

Parking: Street

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