Brother Jimmy’s

Brother Jimmy’s

428 Amsterdam Avenue
(between W. 80th and W. 81st)
New York
Upper West Side
(212) 501-7515
Brother Jimmy’s is always a good time. Combine a great full bar, fun atmosphere, solid southern food, good sports on TV, generally cute bartenders/waitresses, and a young upbeat crowd and you’re bound for a great party atmosphere.  Plus, you can throw a dart nowadays and hit a Brother Jimmy’s in whatever NYC neighborhood through which your party may find itself crawling. Brother Jimmy’s is the type of place where saying you’re with a bachelor party will get you a round of shots and a co-ed on your lap in two minutes flat, so don’t be shy. They’ve got shots, cheap PBRs, and fish bowls for those who cannot drink their weight in beer. Be prepared for some heavy drinking. But, keep in mind that the cute blond serving you wings and pitchers all night long has heard and and seen it before (hey, she just graduated from Syracuse). She’s a pro at fending off your kind.

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Venue Tip: 

Saddle up to the bar and make friendly with the short-skirted waitresses and they’ll take good care of you; generally better than at most places. The menu is outstanding-- rib tips, frickles, wings-- so nobody can say they passed out at 10 because “they were on an empty stomach.”

The Good: 
Happy hour 5-7pm, great drinks selection and prices, cute cocktail waitresses, southern ladies, lots of locations, great sports bar.
The Bad: 
Sports and shots have been known to lead even the best of friends to fisticuffs. If tensions rise because your team beat The Knicks and the fratboy clientele are pissed, simply calm them down with another shot.
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Price: $$

Outdoor seating: Yes

Accepts Credit Cards: Yes

Alcohol: Full

Signature Drink: Scorpion bowl

Close to: McSorley's (beer served by people who know it well: Irishmen), Ace Hotel (perhaps the coolest lobby bar in the United States), Fat Cat (get your gaming on before you start throwing game at the ladies), Solas (dancing and mingling)